Iraqi child with 8 limbs successfully operated by Indian doctors

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The team of doctors observed the baby and considering the risk factors, decided to perform the critical surgery in three stages.

A team of doctors here has successfully operated upon a seven-month-old baby from Iraq who was suffering from polymelia — a birth defect involving limbs — to give him a new lease of life. Polymelia is a birth defect in which the affected individual has more than the usual number of limbs and, in this case, the boy, named Karam who was brought to the hospital in a very critical condition, had eight limbs.

“Both the legs of the baby which were protruding out of the stomach were connected through his sternum (the breastbone) and there was no abdominal wall defect. His blood veins were also adjoined to his liver veins,” Ashish Rai, Senior Consultant, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Jaypee Hospital, told reporters here.

With the help of complex microscopic technique, these veins were separated and then his legs protruding out of his stomach were removed from his body. When Karam was brought to the hospital he was just two-weeks-old. His limbs and the intestines were distorted along with situs inversus of the intestine with an extremely rare condition where a conjoined twin did not fully form and was partially absorbed.

The team of doctors observed the baby and considering the risk factors, decided to perform the critical surgery in three stages. In the first stage, Karam’s clubfeet was treated and the two limbs which were protruding out of his stomach were removed.

In the second stage, the doctors performed “PA Band” surgery so that his left ventricle can control his entire body’s blood circulation after the treatment and he can undergo a ‘Double Switch Surgery’ in future. In the third stage of the surgery, the other two limbs were also removed from his body.

“The level of the surgery was complicated as it took almost eight hours but we did not face any major issues. We had planned the surgery thoroughly. We had done all the investigation earlier regarding the case,” Gaurav Rathore, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Department, Jaypee Hospital, told IANS. “There are just five or six known cases worldwide of this condition,” Rathore added.

Married twins? Couple struggling to make baby discover they’re twins!

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The doctor consulted the patient’s files and noted that both had the exact same birth dates listed in 1984.

A married couple in the US shockingly discovered that they were biological twins after getting a routine DNA test done at an IVF clinic because they were struggling to conceive naturally. The couple, who met in college, had attended the clinic in Mississippi in the hope that it help them have their own child.

A doctor at the clinic in Jackson, Mississippi, revealed the astonishing events and explained how the situation had come about.

“It’s just a routine thing and we wouldn’t normally check to see if there was a relationship between the two samples, but in this case the lab assistant involved was shocked by the similarity of each profile,” the doctor told the Mississippi Herald.

“My first reaction was that they must have been less-closely related; perhaps they were first cousins, which happens sometimes. However, looking closer at samples, I noticed there were way too many similarities,” said the doctor, who was not named by the daily.

The doctor consulted the patient’s files and noted that both had the exact same birth dates listed in 1984.

“With this in mind, I was convinced that both patients were fraternal twins,” he said.

However, the doctor did not know if the couple were already aware of this or totally oblivious. When he brought up the issue at their next appointment, the doctor said they initially “burst out laughing” in disbelief.

“The husband said that a lot of people remarked on the fact they shared the same birthdays and looked similar to each other, but he said it was just a funny coincidence and that the couple were definitely not related,” the doctor said.

“The wife kept pleading with me to admit I was joking, and I wish that I was, but they had to know the truth,” the medic said.

After talking it through with the man and woman, the doctor was able to establish how this had all happened. The couple had met during college and instantly hit it off. “The fact they’d both been adopted, after their parents had died, meant they’d both experienced a similar childhood, and they felt they could really connect with each other,” the doctor said.

After processing the facts, it emerged that their biological parents had died in a car crash when the couple were infants.

With no family willing to adopt them, they were put into the care of the state and adopted out into separate families. But neither of their new families were told that the child had a twin.

“I really hope they can work something out. For me, it’s a particularly unusual case because my job is all about helping couples conceive a child. This is the first time in my career that I’ve been glad I haven’t succeeded in that regard,” the doctor said.